Monday, 23 June 2014

Panda 4.0 affected your website?

Panda was originally introduced in February 2011, affecting up to 12% of search results. Usually Google rolls out quiet refreshes to its algorithm as monthly updates; they’re not anything major, small changes that don’t impact websites in a major way. This is not one of those updates. Panda 4.0 is cleaning up search results in a big way. Even big name websites have taken significant hits noticed by the SEO community. For example eBay had a huge decline in search results as soon as Panda 4.0 rolled out.
The following is a list of websites most affected by Panda 4.0:
The latest Panda update by Google has been shaking up the SEO world since its introduction a few weeks ago. SEO professionals were surprised to learn that even the biggest and most well-known websites were affected by the update. Read on to see what the main changes are, if your site could have been impacted and what you can do to improve your outcome in search results.
there isn’t anything to fear if you have original, useful or interesting website content. This update can be considered a big win for websites that are producing content that no one else is. For example, the popular website BuzzFeed always has original content and they received a 25% increase in search results. The more valuable and less spammy your website is, the more likely it will be to rank higher on Google.
So, what exactly is the latest version of Panda going after? Low-quality content, that’s what. If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it before: content is king. This becomes clearer and clearer with every single one of Google’s algorithm updates. The goal is to remove websites considered to have more spam content from high ranking Google search slots. While this update has been dubbed a gentler one as it’s supposed to be friendlier to small sites and businesses, it still has had major impact on major sites.  
Has Panda 4.0 affected your website? Let us know

Monday, 12 May 2014

Make Money with Yahoo & Bing Ads (Video) Tutoriales from

If you haven’t heard the name “Yahoo & Bing Ads network” or “Media.Net” then you might have been missing some important earning potential with your content in the past. However, this is now the time to explore what’s inside Yahoo & Bing ads and how can one earn money out of it. Yahoo & Bing ads formally run by a website called “Media.Net” is one of the major Ad networks for advertisers as well as publishers.  
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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Six ways to improve your blog with Google+

Six ways to improve your blog with Google+
Add Google+ buttons and gadgets
Help readers to follow and share your posts on Google+ with the +1 buttonGoogle+ badge and Google+ Followers gadget. Visit the Layout tab, click "Add a gadget" and select the Google+ gadgets that you'd like to add.
Manage comments in one place
Turn on Google+ Comments to bring comments on your posts together in one place, including posts about your content in Google+.
Share your posts with a new audience
Share your blog posts publicly on Google+ and encourage your readers to re-share. Add hashtags when you share to tie your posts to relevant themes and trending topics, increasing their visibility.
Connect with readers face to face
Host a group video chat conversation with your readers in a Google+ Hangout. You can live-stream it and post the final video on your blog.
Meet others like you
Participate in Google+ Communities related to your blog. You can meet people interested in similar subjects and discover new topics to cover.
Spark up conversations with Google+ mentions
Add Google+ mentions to your posts to get someone's attention. Your mention will link to their Google+ page or profile, and you can notify them when you share.

Sharing the latest AdWords innovations Inside AdWords - EN

This morning, over 170 search marketing experts attended the AdWords Performance Forum where I shared our latest AdWords updates (you can watch a replay of the livestream here).  We're excited to see how large and small advertisers around the world will put these new products to work, to grow their businesses and find new customers.  These new features will all roll out over the course of the next few months, and we'll provide more details for you, right here on the Inside AdWords blog, as they launch.

Shiny, appy AdWords!

People are living their lives online, looking for the content that's most useful for them -- sometimes this content is on websites, sometimes in mobile apps.  For many years, we've offered popular formats through Google search ads and our AdMob network  to help you promote your app.  Since they launched, we've helped businesses drive hundreds of millions of app downloads with these offerings.  Today, I announced the next generation of these features across Google search ads, our Display Network and YouTube. Learn more.
1. Better discovery: For businesses looking to promote app installs on the AdMob network, we'll enable you to reach people who are your most likely customers, based on the apps they use, the frequency of use and the types of in-app purchases they make.  For example, if you exercise regularly and use an app to measure how far you run, you might see an ad for an app that helps you measure the foods you eat and calories consumed.  On YouTube, we're enabling app installs as an enhancement to the current TrueView offering.
2. Easier re-engagement: Over 80% of downloaded apps are used only once and then deleted.*  Lots of businesses are able to get their apps onto a device, but might never see their customer again.  Today we announced a new app re-engagement campaign type in AdWords for both search and display so that consumers can be taken directly into already-installed apps.  For example, if someone has the HotelTonight app installed on their phone and searches for "hotels in San Francisco" on, they can go directly to the specific page in HotelTonight about SF hotels, instead of being taken to the app's main landing page.
3. Enhanced measurement: In AdWords you'll soon be able to measure conversions across the entire lifecycle of the app - from install to re-engagement to in-app purchases.  

Better measurement = better campaigns

Last year, we introduced Estimated Total Conversions to help you measure the full value of your campaigns, including phone calls and conversions that occur across devices.  Many businesses are already using this to inform their bidding and budgeting decisions, and to find new customers.

For example, photo publisher Shutterfly measures 60% more conversions when factoring in mobile-to-desktop conversions.  With this insight, they decided to include all their keywords on mobile devices, which has helped them find a lot more customers.

The feedback on Estimated Total Conversions has been great, so we're continuing to invest in this product. As people search more online for local businesses and then go into the store to make purchases, we're testing ways to measure the effectiveness of search ads at driving in-store sales, using anonymized purchase data from retail partners. RKG and fashion retailer, Express, very early testers, found that overall return on ad spend increases 102% when including offline sales in online advertising results.

We're excited to invest here because over time it will give people a better experience, as more businesses see the value and invest in local information like directions, inventory information, promotions and offers.

Enterprise-class tools
For businesses looking for new customers, the increase in constant connectivity means that the scale of your campaigns is growing, and you've told us you want help to manage your campaigns more effectively. So, we're bringing enterprise-class workflow, reporting, and optimization tools to AdWords.
1. More bulk actions: With new bulk capabilities for extensions and settings, you'll be able to easily set up campaign settings like location targeting and ad rotation across all your campaigns (even if you have thousands of them!). This should be particularly useful for big seasonal promotions, when you might want to update all of your campaigns at once.
2. Automated bidding: Building off of the momentum that we've had with automated bidding, we're adding the ability for you to maximize the number of conversions or the total value of conversions. For example, if you're a car maker, you'll be able to set up your campaign to allocate your budget in a way that maximizes the number of people who visit your site to design a custom vehicle.
3. Advanced reporting: To help you analyze your data better (without the endless downloading and re-formatting of data) we're providing you with new multi-dimensional data analysis and visualization tools so you can perform most, if not all of your data analysis, right here inside AdWords.  We're also making it easy for you to turn your data into tables, graphs and charts so that you can download them and share with your teams.
4. Your own lab: One of the great benefits of AdWords is that it offers an incredible platform to test and tweak live campaigns.  So we've built a lab inside AdWords for you to prepare ideas for your campaigns, see what they'll look like, and then run tests with live traffic as an experimental trial.  You can experiment with almost anything in your campaign, including bid changes, new keywords, different campaign settings, special bids for times and locations, different kinds of ad formats, and more. We think you'll like it!
It's always inspiring for me to hear how AdWords is delivering useful information to people at the right moment and helping businesses succeed.  Thanks to everyone who attended the AdWords Performance Forum or watched the livestream.  I'm excited to see how you put these new features to use, and we're looking forward to hearing your feedback.

Jerry Dischler, Vice President, Product Management, AdWords

Monday, 21 April 2014

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